Monday, November 10, 2008

Veteran's Day

We need to take a moment and remember everyone that has fought for peace for our country. Here is taking a moment to remember everyone. Saying a prayer for them all and their families.

No pictures to post. I have been working on getting my swaps that I have signed up for and need to get out. Can't show until they receive them and my camera is on the fitz.

I am stuck and maybe someone can unstick me. When I receive a comment I have it set up for an e-mail to alert me. It isn't working. I have gone into my settings and have my e-mail in there but any suggestions would help so much.

Have a great day:)

"To be happy; don't do whatever you like...Like whatever you do:)



MOLLY said...

Amen, Polly--I think we would all be more satisfied if we counted our blessings a little more.
Love your blog! That flag quilt is great! I one 5 year old grandson and one due the 5th of January. Can't wait--isn't is fun to be Nana? I am Nana too! LOL

Libby said...

How right you are. Without those that serve, where would we be?

wish I knew the answer to your question . . . someone will know just what to do *s*

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. I had that problem once, but I have a wordpress blog and you have blogspot. It was the blog -- not my e-mail. Hopefully someone with blogspot will come along and know the answer to your problem!

teodo said...

Thanks to all the veterans in the world.

congrats for your "GOING TO BE A NANA AGAIN".
ciao ciao

Lisa D. said...

I love the quote at the end of your Veteran's Day post. So true.

Tom H said...

Your blog is a real nice break for me. As to your question; I can only turn my computer on and off. Sorry. My computer doesn't alert me either.