Thursday, August 28, 2008

sunbonnet sue


Good Morning everyone:)

JulieK sparked my interest yesterday with her post on Sunbonnet Sue. She wanted to see pictures from other bloggers about Sunbonnet Sue. Then I got a call from my no-blog best friend in Montana last night which was out of the norm since I only here from her during the day when the kids are in school and we can talk. Lets just give you a little information about my no-blog best friend then I will talk about sunbonnet sue. My no-blog best friend and I have been best friends since 5th grade wowza that is a long time. In our early 20's we took our first quilting class and were hooked. 20 years later this last Halloween I flew to Montona where she picked out my Sophie and we got our first tattoo...guess what it was? That's right it was 2 SunBonnet Sue's sitting on a swing. When I go to her house I load up a suitcase of fabric and UFO's and take my sewing machine as my carry on the airplane and spend a week in heaven with her. I love to go and hang out. It is heaven for me. Anyway when I am there she has a wooden swing on her porch and we sit out there and quilt and talk. It is the best! We have made so many memories! I love her!! She has been my best friend and has helped me and been there for me when no one else was...I love you....Thanks for being my best friend:)

Now on with the sunbonnet sue sharing. I must admit this is not my quilt but would love to take the credit. It is my no-blog best friend and she called me last night to tell me she entered it into the fair this week and guess what she got? She placed 2nd in her division. How cool is that? We were pretty excited so then I had to tell her about JulieK how she had a post yesterday on sunbonnet sue and said I am going to do my post on you winning 2nd at the fair. Way to go...I guess now I better do mine. For my birthday I got the sunbonnet sue book better get to work on it....

Have a great day everyone


Monday, August 25, 2008

It is official I am a Stitchers' Angel

I have been given my angel information. I am an official angel. I was panic stricken when I didn't get an e-mail but I just hadn't received it. Can you guess I'm really excited about it. This blogging is so much fun. I haven't done any quilting or knitting this week-end. Can you guess what I did do? I started back to college for my nursing. This semester I enrolled in one class that is 5 credits and it is the worst....algebra! The good thing is that it's only a 9 week class. However, it means I am eating, drinking, and sleeping algebra. Check out these 2 giveaways. First is Camille and then Fat Quarter Shop They are both giving away Cotton Blossoms stuff. I have my toes and fingers crossed that I might win at least one of them.

Have a great week everyone:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Love blog land

A Giveaway from Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures She is great designer check out her giveaway. Also I have another blogger friend that is setting up a x-stitch round robin if you are interested go see Beth. I think it would be fun. I love talking with all of you that I have met in blog land and always love to read my e-mails. I am excited because I got in on the Secret Santa swap and think this will be so much fun.

I have been very busy studying for my algebra class that is starting on Saturday so for the next nine weeks it is all about algebra. Might get a little time in to quilt or to do a little knitting. This week-end my date with myself will be to go check out mama mia... I have heard great reviews on it and how can you go wrong with Meryl Streep. Thanks to Des for the giving the great review!:)

I also wanted to drop a few lines about the Secret Santa out that might need some help in trying to find out what I like...It would probably be easier to say what I don't cause I love everything:) I love primitive. I love pink. I love life and chocolate...I love quilting....I love to knit...I love flowers and girly things...How is that?

Have a great day everyone and remember: Don't do whatever you like--Like whatever you do!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a little knitting going on

Good Morning to all my friends:)
I haven't written in a few days since I don't really have anything to show. I do have lots to tell you. I did spend the week-end knitting a baby sweater for my youngest granddaughter. (sorry don't know the abbv for blog land.) It is a sweater that starts at the top and you work down all in one piece. I can read directions, can knit and purl, have good tension but still learning. However, if I mess up I rip it out I can't take stitches out. So I look at it after ripping it out twice that it was great practice for me. Now I don't want to put it down. I am nervous about the sleeves so more progress to follow on the baby sweater. Last week my sister came by my work and gave me a package of goodies. I wish I would have had my camera it was so cute. It was totally me. Not one but 2 coffee cups from starbucks. One was a mug that has a flower with Inspire written on it. (that is my favorite) She got me a car one also that is pink with flowers on it. Totally love it...Then gave me a candle that says: giggles, secrets, sometimes tears. Sister and friends throughout the years. I love it then she put in a little bowl with flowers and filled that full of candy for my desk and the last was a pink pen. Loved it it meant so much. But most important we made a date for sunday. We went to seal beach and laid in the sun and chatted. It was the best. It is very hard for me to get time with my sister so when I do I cherish it. However, we learned a valuable lesson when you get your parking ticket and it is good for two hours lets just say at the end of the two hours you should pack your bag and go home. Especially when you are blonde and fair. Just because it is cool temperature wise at the beach doesn't mean that you aren't getting any sun. So when you go and add 2 more hours to your parking ticket and leave after 4 hours at the beach. You get 2 red blonde lobsters that night that are laughing so hard because they hurt so bad. Wouldn't you think that after 43 years you would know better. I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Thanks Shawnette for spending time with your needy big sister.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

#2 BOM tomorrow--can't wait

Tomorrow is the new post for block #2 of the Star BOM. I am so excited!! I feel that I need to post or maybe vent today about what Judy has (or is) going through. Remember this is my view and feeling about this. I think people complaining about Judy's hard work and publishing a FREE BOM for us to enjoy is totally awesome! Just because they don't or can't read and follow the directions doesn't mean that has anything to do with her. This struck a cord with me since I have learned to view life in a different way since my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. Life is to short to give up or blame someone else for things that we do wrong. This Star BOM is a great way to challenge yourself if you have gotten set in your way in regards to quilting. First look at using the 16" of an inch, it is funny to see how many of us have learned where the 16" of an inch and we learned this in the first block so what will we learn in the remaining blocks? I want to take this moment to thank Judy for helping me step outside the box and learn something new. I now know how to read a ruler using the the 16"of an inch and learned that there is even a 32nd of an inch mark on that ruler. However, I can't really see the markings that great even with my reading glasses on...(old age does suck). Do you know what else I want to thank Judy for. I have been quilting for the last 20 something years and I avoid the bias. Why? Let me tell you why...because when I press my seems I really press them and so I have a hard time with my blocks being square and not wavy. So the bias, wowza, see the hairs on my arms standing on end? That is because I will totally stretch out my block with the way I press. With that I have stayed away from the bias thing but when I saw Judy's quilt. I loved it and being on a budget right now with going back to school and such I loved that fact that it was free so here I am. I do have to admit that when I sat down to do the first block after spending 2 hours picking out my fabrics using up my stash and doing a scrappy quilt. I was ready to go but then the brakes came on because it was now 8 pm and what was this cut a square 5 3/16" what is that. I take pride and say ok I can cut 7/8" but what is a 5 3/16"? HELP!! So I got on line knowing that Judy was out of town from her post so I couldn't go to her and I do have to admit that is when I didn't like the blog thing because I wanted to reach out and talk to someone so I could do my block. I wasn't going to bed till I did! (once I get something in my head I can't quit) so I started snooping and posting notes for those of you that had already done your block. So check this out. I sent out SOS's and look at what Gail did for me. Remember I am new at this blogging thing so I don't know alot but she was amazing...(Thank you Gail) I felt so loved that you would take time to edit your blog and put a note out there for me to find:) Anyway back to the topic...I did finally have to call my BF and ask him where is the 16" on the ruler and he was so helpful about explaining to me where it was and away I went. Ok it was really 2 calls but also needed to have an excuse to hear his voice because I was so nervous about cutting out my block and it is hearing his voice that calms me the minute I hear him. Wow, how come I keep getting side tracked here? So I got my block cut out but was nervous about working with the bias but knowing it would stretch I knew I had to be extra careful. Ok so I will be truthful. I did great until it was 11 pm and i had to get up at 4 am so the last 2 steps I didn't measure or square up so my block went down the tube just like that. I will admit I was so mad the next day I am not doing this BOM and it was dumb but then my foot reached back and gave me a good swift kick in the pooper and I reminded my self I am not a quitter! I am a quilter...and I have overcome a lot in my life and I am not going to quit. I can do this...I can do this...I also had a lot of people pushing me not to give up. I am a very vocal person and need to talk about what goes on in my head to everyone. So, after everyone telling me not to give up. Guess what? I did my block 1 for the second time and it turned out perfect. Did I tell you that my second block TURNED OUT PERFECT...oh am I yelling that. Sorry it is all the excitement of it measuring out 12 1/2" and that I have 1/4" around for my points. How cool is that...It is way cool. So remember all you bloggers out there life is to short to not be happy! Believe me I don't live in a perfect pink house and I struggle at life and what it deals us but really lets be happy we have someone that is willing to give us a free STAR BOM!!! Way to go Judy...Step outside the box and enjoy life. It is to short and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think I can


Guess what. I finally did it and it only took me 2 times. It seems I always do things the hard way but last night it only took me two times to do the first BOM of Judy's. If you haven't checked it out you need to it is going to be fun. So let me tell you how it has really challenged me. First I didn't know how to read 16" on a ruler now I do. I didn't really like working on the bias and really stay away from it. But guess what now I can do it. Check this out... The yellow one is the good one and it was so easy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Check this out

Good Morning to all my friends!!! I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to a great week. Today I want to start off letting you know if you haven't already signed up for the Stitcher's Angel Swap check out Helen's blog and sign up today. I did it. I figured out how to get her logo on my sidebar. (If I could figure out how to put her logo up on my side bar I would. All I can get is her link. Go figure. Someday I will get this figured out.) You don't want to miss out because you will fill sad when everyone is talking about it. Ask me how I know? Because I didn't get signed up in time for the Christmas swap at Chookyblue and I was very blue that I didn't get in. Maybe next time.
If you want to win some fabric click here:
This is for 4 yards of the sample pack. Go check her out:)

I went home last night and walked my Sophie and feel like a million dollars after not feeling so good last week-end. I can relate to poor Bailey with a icky tummy. I hope he will feel better soon. If you need a little pick me up go see the cosmos and that will make you smile. They are beautiful! When I saw them they gave me warm fuzzys and made me think of my cosmos when I was married. Here is wishing you a great day and thanks so much for being my friends.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where did the week-end go

Where did the week-end go? I did not get any sewing time. I ran all week-end but got a lot of errands done before I go back to school. I am trying to get everything done before I start school in 2 weeks. Trying to work and go back to school. I am taking 9 units or credits whatever you prefer to call them. When I wasn't running this week-end I was sleeping I think I got hit with a touch of the flu bug and my tummy was not happy at anything I put in it. However after seeing Beth's first block on the pumpkin quilt I want to get going on that. I am waiting for my pattern should have it this week. If you haven't seen it check it out. I have enjoyed the encouragement of Beth, Anita, Des, Glenna, & Sharon. I feel like I was a little kid when they found my site and were encouraging me. It was like wow this really is fun to be able to meet and talk to so many people! Thanks for the encouragement and cheering me on!!! Here is wishing you all a great day and I will be adding more on as I feel more comfortable.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

a new beginning

This is the beginning to my blogging. I am so exited about this. Please keep in mind that I struggle with my grammar so this will help make my writing skills stronger or so I hope. As I get better at this I will post pictures of what is going on in my daily adventures. I look forward to chatting with you on daily basis. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with me. I am always open.