Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a little knitting going on

Good Morning to all my friends:)
I haven't written in a few days since I don't really have anything to show. I do have lots to tell you. I did spend the week-end knitting a baby sweater for my youngest granddaughter. (sorry don't know the abbv for blog land.) It is a sweater that starts at the top and you work down all in one piece. I can read directions, can knit and purl, have good tension but still learning. However, if I mess up I rip it out I can't take stitches out. So I look at it after ripping it out twice that it was great practice for me. Now I don't want to put it down. I am nervous about the sleeves so more progress to follow on the baby sweater. Last week my sister came by my work and gave me a package of goodies. I wish I would have had my camera it was so cute. It was totally me. Not one but 2 coffee cups from starbucks. One was a mug that has a flower with Inspire written on it. (that is my favorite) She got me a car one also that is pink with flowers on it. Totally love it...Then gave me a candle that says: giggles, secrets, sometimes tears. Sister and friends throughout the years. I love it then she put in a little bowl with flowers and filled that full of candy for my desk and the last was a pink pen. Loved it it meant so much. But most important we made a date for sunday. We went to seal beach and laid in the sun and chatted. It was the best. It is very hard for me to get time with my sister so when I do I cherish it. However, we learned a valuable lesson when you get your parking ticket and it is good for two hours lets just say at the end of the two hours you should pack your bag and go home. Especially when you are blonde and fair. Just because it is cool temperature wise at the beach doesn't mean that you aren't getting any sun. So when you go and add 2 more hours to your parking ticket and leave after 4 hours at the beach. You get 2 red blonde lobsters that night that are laughing so hard because they hurt so bad. Wouldn't you think that after 43 years you would know better. I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Thanks Shawnette for spending time with your needy big sister.


Des said...

Oh, I remember those days on the beach and leaving as a red lobster and I'm not even a blonde. Nor am I fair, but I sure wasn't into sunscreen in the 80's. :) I think it was baby oil and aluminum foil. I have so much to look forward to in my old age. I was waiting for you to tell us that you and sister went to see MAMMA MIA!! Such a perfect sister thing to do. Hope you get to do it soon, soon, soon. It's a blast!!

teodo said...

Wonderful to go on the beach with a daughter chatting.
ciao ciao

Purple and Paisley said...

oh, how i wish i could knit something other than a square! lol, i love to knit but am not very good at it...and aren't grandkids the best? unconditional love both ways...=)

Mea said...

Thanks for writing this.