Monday, December 8, 2008

One of many posts today

I have so much to share today. I have gotten behind. I have been working overtime at work and getting all my swaps out along with making my Christmas presents. So this first post is to acknowledge my wonderful gifties from the Polka dot and Rick rack swap that Sharon hosted:} I don't have pictures yet cause the camera is deader than a door nail:} Pictures will follow in the next post... Go check out Shelley she is the greatest! But what I really need to say is the gifts were way cool but it was the card she made me that was so awesome:} More to follow later but I want to Thank Shelly again and go over and check her out and tell her hello!!!



Angels Come to Play said...

Hey there Miss Polly,
Just dropped by to say hi and I found this post with a mention of ME yey. I so needed to read nice things today, and your comments were the nicest.
I had an accident last night I am feeling very sad and sorry for myself. I told you before you inspire me and you havent failed to do it for me yet again. Will email details...don't stress.

Angels Come to Play said...

Hope all is well with you haven't posted for ages.
Merry Christmas